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Website Management

4 Top Tips For Your Website Health

We recently took on a new client who faced a nightmare scenario. Their previous agency neglected the essential tasks of updating plugins and performing regular backups. Fast forward, and their entire website has been down for six days straight, impacting their business in ways we can’t ignore.

This is a crucial reminder about the backbone of any online presence – your website. Learn from our client’s unfortunate experience and take a moment to check your website’s health. 

Here are some of our top website health tips:

Website Management

The Importance of Regular Updates:

Updating your website plugins is not just a routine task; it’s a lifeline for your digital presence. Regular updates ensure your site’s security, performance, and functionality are at their best. Ignoring this opens the door to potential vulnerabilities that could compromise your business, just like what our new client experienced.

Backing Up: An Insurance Policy for Your Website:

Imagine losing all your data, your hard work, and your online identity in an instant. Regular backups act as an insurance policy for your site and provide a safety net. If the worst happens, your business can quickly recover and resume operations. Don’t gamble with the heart of your brand – back it up!

Website Management

Choosing the Right Agency Matters:

Partnering with the right agency is like choosing a reliable business ally. Your site is the digital face of your brand, and entrusting it to professionals who understand the importance of routine maintenance is non-negotiable. Your agency should nurture your digital assets with care.

Lesson Learned: Act Now!

Our recent experience underscores the critical need for proactive website management. If your current agency isn’t prioritising updates and backups, it’s time for a change. Your digital presence deserves better.

Unwired Creative – Your Trusted Digital Partner:

At Unwired Creative, we are passionate about elevating beauty, personal care, and health and wellness brands. Your website is not just a stunning showcase. We make sure it is a resilient, secure, and ever-evolving asset.

Learn from our client’s unfortunate experience. Take a moment to check your website’s health, and if you need a reliable partner, we’re here for you. Let’s keep your digital presence thriving!

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